Help for Families of Divorce

Counseling, Mediation, Co-Parenting


Your first steps towards healing

Before you spend more money and time in a courtroom or in your own home arguing in circles, we have created a process that has guided hundreds of families towards more cooperation and peace. We make the process easy and tailored to what your family needs.


Assessment & Education

Each family that comes through our doors, gets a full assessment, each person having an opportunity to be heard so that the right services are matched with your needs. We also go through an education process to help you plan and understand what needs to change in order for you to have more cooperation in the family.


Therapeutic Mediation

During your time with us, you will learn the tools to have the hard conversations and model for your children how to handle conflict with more health and ease. This isn’t your courtroom mediation, this is about improving the emotional health and wellness for every family member through the process.


Empowerment and Planning

Walk away with a plan, knowing how to handle future changes and be empowered with clarity and confidence to continue your family life , although changed, in a healthier way. We are here to help you reduce the impact emotionally, financially and spiritually on each family member.

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Sara Dungan, M.Ed, LMFT, ALC*, NCC

You probably didn’t plan to be here.

Neither did I. Having been through divorce with kids, I understand all the sticky conversations and the triggers that you have to navigate, long after the divorce papers are signed.

I’ve helped hundreds families who want to find peace, come through hard decisions as better people, and who want to reduce the conflict, but they often know they can’t do it on their own. They’ve tried. Think of me like your guide through the healing process. You can find out more about me and how I help here.

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. I have over 80 hours of training in Divorce mediation as well as training in Parenting Coordination and Collaborative Divorce.

The first step is to discover what process would work best for you so you can move onto a better, happier life. Book a free consultation to learn more.

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